A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The first fanmade Stray Kids videogame!

"How To Be 행복해", better known as "The Felix Game", is a video game about Stray Kids, made by STAY, for STAY.

About the game:
The Felix Game is a choice-based game that focuses on a collecting mechanic. In the game, the player plays the role of Lee Felix who gradually discovers more about Stray Kids and its members by making the right (or wrong) choices. By progressing through the game, Felix gets the chance to collect memories with the members in the form of polaroids and notes, which again teach the player about the journey of the group.

We made this game as a gift for Felix, Stray Kids, and STAY.  The game will be released in multiple chapters, of which you can download the two first here!

For more information and updates, follow us on our social media: https://linktr.ee/thefelixgame

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorSTAY Happy Productions
GenreVisual Novel
TagsFangame, k-pop, Point & Click, stray-kids

Install instructions

For download tutorials, please visit our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheFelixGame

• If I download the 3rd chapter, Can I still play the 1st and 2nd?

The first, second, and third chapters are included in this version of the game! Just download and you'll be able to play from the very start if you want~

• I already downloaded an older version of the game. What should I do?

-On your computer, go to the folder where your game is and delete that folder. 

-Download the new one according to the tutorial.

- That's all!

• Wait... What about my saves?!

No worries, the save files are stored in a different folder on your computer, they will still be available!

• So, I just delete the old version and download the new one?

Exactly! Simply follow the tutorial on our youtube channel and play it as usual. 

Once you start the game, you should be able to go to the "Load" screen from the Title Screen and load the era save at the bottom right corner of your screen. That will take you to the start of the new chapter!

• Something's not working as it should...

If something is looking suspicious or the game isn't launching fine, even with the help of the tutorials, please contact us by DM on our Twitter or instagram account @TheFelixGame. Our main programmer will try their best to help. He is quite busy and may take some time to answer everyone, please be patient!


To make sure you'll be able to launch the game, please follow this little tutorial:

-Navigate to where the How To Be Happy - My Pace (Mac).app folder you unzipped is.

-Open a terminal (it's available in Applications). Then start by typing this command :

sudo chmod -R 755 

then drag the entire app onto the terminal to copy its path and press enter.

The command you'll have should look something like that: 

sudo chmod -R 755 /Users/user/Desktop/How\ To\ Be\ Happy\ -\ My\ Pace\ (Mac). app

-It will ask for a password, simply enter yours. If you're not the administrator on the computer, you'll have to enter the administrator's password.

-And when that's done you should be able to open the game by double-clicking or right-click + OPEN on the app.


How To Be Happy - My Pace (Windows 64bits).zip 267 MB
How To Be Happy - My Pace (Windows 32bits).zip 252 MB
How To Be Happy - My Pace (Linux).zip 269 MB
How To Be Happy - My Pace (Mac).app.zip 267 MB
Nachimbong Cursor Set.zip 205 kB

Development log


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Will you come out with a version for chromebook?

So is this what I'm supposed to do? I have a Mac I followed the instructions for the Mac but it won't let me type in my password it keeps showing a key symbol by where I'm supposed to type in my password is it supposed to be there? Could you help me out a little bit please? 

i just played the 3rd chapter and i am still in love with this game since I started playing it. Y'all are doing a great job with this :). (I even recommended it to two of my STAY friends and both of them are playing it now lmao they love it too) <3

haiii, i've played the chapter 3 and noticed that during hyunjin and jeongin part, is it supposed to be in dance studio? cuz in the game its in the recording studio instead?

(1 edit)

so wait, i'll delete the whole folder? or just the .exe in the folder? srry just wanna make sure^^" i like the game and i finish both chapters so i got excited for this new one haha

in my opinion, the best app on the game is toktik. that's it. (BUT I LOVE THE GAME SO MUCH I AM SOOO HYPED AND OVER EXCITED WHEN I PLAY ITS SO GOOD ILY)

when will the new version come out? and when the update comes out will it do it itself?

Hold your horses there friend! We just release chapter 3! It takes a while to do all the new art, writing, and programming. The date for the next chapter isn't set at all! We'll announce it on our social medias when the time comes~

As for the update no it won't do it on itself. You'll have to come back here and download the new version!

Thank you! sorry anyway. I did not want to put a subspecies in a hurry...in Italian it makes more sense :)

hii, I downloaded the game but when I click on it it shows that "You do not have permission to open the application “How To Be Happy - My Pace (Mac)”.  

I already did what you have on your YouTube channel and also changed the permissions, but it says the same thing.

Ah that's unfortunate :(By changing permissions you mean writing the chmod 755 command that's explained in the little tutorial here on the itch page?

why does the game  lag when i click on arcade  it shows a pale screen     help


ahaa it's bc you're not supposed to be able to click on the arcade, it's not programmed yet. can you tell me where you're able to access the arcade button ?? so i can fix it! Thanks~

the map

obviously but where did you open the map from ? is it from everywhere (studio, dance practice etc.)? Which chapter were you playing when this happened

   the phone     chapter 3

(1 edit) (+1)

I've played this last year and I remembered it today and thought about checking if ch2 is out. I didn't finish it but broo it's very wholesome to play this game! However it's kinda frustrating how I'm supposed to guess if I've finished the chapter or not.. I suggest you add a message that'd pop-up when I finish it.
Great work y'all keep it up! <3

I played this game a few months ago and still can't let it go. I'm enjoying  it A LOT, really! Just wanted to leave a brief comment to show my support and I'll be patiently waiting for updates~ Thanks for developing such a wholesome and fun game :D



i can't even explain how good this game is. also members are so cute and caring i'm sobbing. can't wait for the next chapter :)

this game is so goodd cant wait for the next chapter>


please make this for chromebook.


is it possible to download on chromebook?

i cant wait to try the new update! I've been waiting for this for sooo long :D

its really good story and game i love it HAHAHA

 hey i really want to play the game but whenever i try to download it it fail my internet is not bad tho idk why pls help 😭😭

can't wait to try it hope it will work nice

-I'm a Felix biased too so hasfjkashjkfhsafbjs I reaalllly can't wait


i really loved the game! I can't wait for the next chapter! =D


This is what showed up can you help me? I'm a Mac user. Thank you

you have to right click on the application and click open that way! it should only make you do it the first time :) it’ll ask if you’re sure that you wanna open it !

I'll try.. but thanks!

OMG! It worked! Thank you so much. I'm excited to play it!

hey i have a microsoft and i cant ope the game so i wanted to ask what to do


Hello! Can you give us more details ? What steps did you take to install and run the game ? What errors were displayed on screen ? You send it here or dm us on Twitter (@TheFelixGame), we'll be more responsive there ! :)

Hey, can I download this in my phone? If I can, which one should ,i choose?

This is not a mobile game. You can download it on computers with Mac, Windows or Linux !

Ok thanks😊

this is really touching.... I luv it!!

I cant continue the game even though I follow. Idk what is happening

Hi~! I'm not sure what you mean ? The game is still in development and what you can download on our page is only chapter 1 ! We're working on the 2nd chapter right now. 

Oh ok sorry :)

i have tried all diffrent methods and none of them work, ive tried the unarchiver, the decompressor, and diffrent ways to open the game but non work

omg I love this!

I'm falling in love... i'll wait the other chap...❣❣❣

Deleted 1 year ago

I really love this game, thank you very much for making it, I don't know much English but it is worth playing, thank you very much.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter so good luck !!

Thank you all for making this game! I had a blast while playing the first chapter and can't wait for the second chapter to come out. This game really brightened my day and I want to say thank you to all the talented STAY who put their time and effort into making this!

i was trying to play this game but when the game opened it kicked me out. Is it because i'm trying to use a laptop?

Hello, the game should work on your computer or laptop. Can you dm us on twitter @TheFelixGame ? We'll try to help you out !


Hi there! When I try to open the game,  Finder just says that I can't open it :(( there wasn't a reason attached so I didn't know what was wrong.  Any help would be great thanks :)

ah so what you have to do is try and delete all the files of the game uve previously downloaded. then redownload it. the reason it wont open as the mac default unzipper breaks it. therefore u need to download a 3rd party unarchiver (see attached) and use that. as soon as the unarchiver has downloaded, open it (drag to applications, accept that its a web downloaded app etc) then go to the games .zip file, right click (ctrl click), go to open with, click the unarchiver, and it shld open!

hope this helps!

dont be afraid to ask for anymore help :)

hello! I don't  mean to disturb but I tried it and it said this

Hello~ Please check our youtube channel ! We uploaded the tutorial for Mac and Linux not long ago. If you still have issues, feel free to dm us on twitter @TheFelixGame

hey when i try to open the game it says that i can only download apps from the mac app store and it says that the game is made from identified developers

Hi~ Sorry fo the late reply. We uploaded the tutorial to our youtube channel, make sure to check it out !

We have the same problem and I already watch the video on their channel

When i try to open the game on my Mac it says that it cant be opened. idk if smth is wrong with my mac or not. if u could help that'd be wonderful. :) 

The tutorials will be up soon ! We had some technical problems and couldn't release them immediately with the builds. 

Thank u for telling me <3 I hope I'm able to play it soon :)


it says it wont open because it is not from a verified creator? you can go to your safety settings and it will say the game was not verified to be opened and ask you if you want to open it anyways. just click yes and it will ask you again. click yes and it will work. that way you can start it on mac. i had the same problem


Is Chapter 2 out yet?

Hi! We will start to work on it shortly, and we will keep you updated on our socials when it's out !

Hello, I already downloaded it to my cell phone, I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S, but now I don't know how to transfer it to the application. Please help

Hello! This is not a mobile game, you have to download it on your computer !

it doesn*t work on macbook?


We will soon release it on more platforms. Keep an eye out!

oh, it’s so interesting, i want to play this! but is it available only for windows? TT

It will soon be available on more platforms! Stay tuned~

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